Child Workers in Material Mining

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Child Workers in Material Mining

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Child Workers in Material Mining

Roles and tasks of child workers in mining

Child Workers in Material Mining

Children are working in a wide range of activities related to the whole production line of small-scale mining and quarrying. It covers tasks from cooking and cleaning to the extraction of ore underground and on the surface, its transport and separation and subsequent metal production. Children are often required to do the same work as adult workers.

In underground mining operations they work in:
• ore extraction (by hammer and chisel, with pick and shovel, etc.);
• assistant in drilling;
• hauling ore on their backs;
• pushing carts;
• cleaning galleries;
• piling up of ore;
• removing water from the mines.

In open cast mines in:
• digging pits;
• removal of overburden;
• pushing carts.
In alluvial (river) mining in:
• digging for sediments;
• assisting in diving for sediments;
• sieving ore and sediments;
• washing and drying of product;
• pushing carts and transporting the sediment.

In mineral concentration and stone crushing in:
• piling up of ore, crushed stones or rejects;
• milling of ore;
• carrying stones from the mine or the river;
• crushing rocks;
• picking of gemstones;
• washing gold;
• amalgamating gold and burning of amalgam;
• fetching water for processing the ore.

In clay extraction and brick making in:
• drying of green bricks;
• turning over the green bricks so they dry evenly;
• stacking bricks in drying sheds;
• transporting and carrying of green and fired bricks;
• stacking and unloading kilns;
• removing the clay and preparing it with water;
• loading and unloading the ovens;
• grinding;
• firing bricks.

In mining-related environment and in the household in:
• preparation and provision of food for the miners;
• washing clothes;
• working in the household;
• selling food;
• fetching drinking water and food to worksite;
• attending in bars and restaurants;
• fetching fire wood;
• cleaning of bars, restaurants, houses.

In addition, mining camps are often rough places in which to work and live. Some children are engaged in prostitution and there are also confronted by problems related to alcohol and drug abuse, and violence. So mining small-scale mining also involves aspects of the unconditional worst forms of child labour.

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