Chile Mining Equipment in Australia and Technology

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Chile Mining Equipment in Australia and Technology

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Chile Mining Equipment in Australia and Technology

Chile Mining Equipment in Australia and Technology

Chile Mining Equipment in Australia and Technology

The Chilean mining industry has expanded rapidly in recent years, owing to the extremely high price of commodities and the Chilean government’s business friendly economic, financial and sectoral policies. According to the most recent Fraser Institute Report, Chile appeared in 6th place out of 68 worldwide mining districts in their Policy Potential Index, which measures how attractive a government’s policies are for investment, as well as providing a surrogate indicator of the business environment prevailing in their mining sector. The driver of this growth, in both exploration and production and in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), has been copper mining, although this growth has also been experienced in many of Chile’s metallic and non-metallic minerals. The increasing size of the industry, backed by the openness of the market has also created opportunities for foreign suppliers of mining equipment and advanced sector related technologies. These factors and the similar needs of mining companies in Australia have seen Australian firms entering Chile in large numbers to not only own and operate mines, but also in the business services sector (consultancy) and increasingly in the provision of new mining technologies.

Mining Industry

Chile is a country with extensive mineral reserves. In particular, Chile has large deposits of copper, iron, molybdenum, magnesium, lead, zinc, gold, silver and also numerous non- metallic minerals. Of highest significance to the Chilean economy is the abundance of copper, as it is the principle export and main productive activity of the country. All except one of Chile’s mining companies are privately owned, having both Chilean and multinational ownership. The exception is the state-owned mining corporation CODELCO, which is the world’s largest producer and exporter of copper. The lifting of restrictions on private investment on exploration and exploitation of mining deposits increased Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the mining sector, so that between 1974 and 2009 it accounted for 32.8% of total foreign investment in Chile. This therefore made the mining industry the investment driver of the Chilean economy.

In recent years the bulk of foreign investment has been concentrated in the form of new copper and gold projects, which has helped the mining industry to achieve an annual growth rate of between eight and ten percent right up until 2008. It is expected that this expansion rate will return to these levels in the next few years (and beyond) due to the scope of current identifiable mining projects, which call for investments exceeding US$18 billion by 2015. Seeing the benefits of mining operations in Chile, Australian companies are already well represented. Large scale Australian investment and ownership of copper mines, as both sole owner/ operator and in joint ventures is widespread in the mining regions of the country, with expansion opportunities in both greenfield (new sites) and brownfield (development on existing sites) expected.

Mining Equipment in Australia and Technology

The growth of the Chilean mining industry has been the main driver of local demand for mining equipment and technology (traditional annual growth rate of 10%). Not surprisingly the bulk of their product needs are directed towards open pit copper, gold, silver and non-metallic ore mining, with foreign suppliers providing the bulk of this equipment and machinery. Chile is one of the largest markets for mining equipment in the world and also the most open, trade friendly market in the region. In addition, for Australian exporters, the recently implemented Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries is expected to further enhance trade opportunities, through the elimination of import duties, especially for those selling heavy equipment. The size of the industry means that Chile attracts suppliers of prime quality products from all over the world, who not only compete on price but also their ability to provide value added services for their clients and end users. Best prospects for mining equipment exporters include (but not limited to):

1.Off-road trucks

2.Scoop shovels



5.Crushers and grinders

Chilean industry values technological innovation. The mining sector is always looking out for new advanced technologies that will improve efficiency, productivity and sustainability. They spend large amounts of money to obtain what will best satisfy these needs, with the government even providing financial assistance where necessary. Opportunities exist for Australian mining technology suppliers, owing to the many similarities in both countries mining operations and the resultant suitability of Australian technological innovations to Chile. Australian companies already in Chile have noted success in:

1.Specialised heavy machinery parts (power transmissions and gearboxes, etc.) to improve efficiency of equipment.

2.Technologies to improve mill operation efficiency and lifespan.

3.Polyethylene mining products n Water conservation products

4.Chemicals used in mineral processing

5.New technologies to improve operation and efficiency of machinery.

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