Chile Mining Industry Services and Barriers

XSM provide ore mining machine(Chile Mining Industry Services and Barriers) for mining,aggregate,mineral processing industry

XSM can provide(Chile Mining Industry Services and Barriers) magnetic separator,jaw crusher,impact crusher,new fine crusher,ball mill,ramond mill,sand maker,flotation machine,vibrating feeder,etc for mining,aggregate,mineral processing industry

XSM dedicated to the manufacture of low price magnetic separator.We provide magnetic roll separator,vertical wet magnetic separator,high intensity magnetic separatordry magnetic separator support to the mining, construction and quarry/aggregate industries.

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XSM dedicated to the manufacture of low price stone crusher machine.We provide Jaw Crusher,hammer crusher,impact crusher,cone crusher,mobile crushing plant support to the mining, construction and quarry/aggregate industries.

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XSM dedicated to the manufacture of low price grinding mill machine.We provide ball mill,Coarse Grinding Mill,Raymond Mill,High Pressure Grinding Mill support to the mining, construction and quarry/aggregate industries.

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Chile Mining Industry Services and Barriers

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Chile Mining Industry Services and  Barriers

Chile Mining Industry Services and Barriers

Chile Mining Industry Services and Barriers

Mining Services

The growth of the mining sector has also been responsible for the growth of the market in mining services. The services sector is actually experiencing faster growth rates than the equipment and technology markets. Any service providers with the necessary knowledge to reduce production costs and increase energy and process efficiency are highly in demand. Best prospects for Australian companies include:

1. Underground mining technology services

2.Environmental systems solutions in:

– water treatment

– energy efficiency

– air pollution and dust abatement

– mine closure

3. Problem solving solutions

4.OH+S services


In sales of mining equipment and technology to Chile, the United States is the clear market leader, supplying up until recently between 50 and 55% of all products. Owing to this many Chilean mining companies trust and understand recognised US brands of equipment, increasing the difficulty of initial entry for Australian suppliers. In recent years there has been a growing demand for European and Asian manufactured supplies, which may point to a shift in buying habits. In Chile, it is customary for multinational owners of mining operations to use the same suppliers when opening new mines and undertaking expansion projects. This policy can provide problems for Australian companies attempting market entry (or benefits for those already selling to these companies). Distance and travel time between Australia and Chile Language has been nominated by many surveyed companies as a difficult barrier to overcome. This extends, not only to initial negotiations but also for the provision of after sales technical assistance.

Suppliers have also noted initial entry problems arising from Chilean SAE certification standards, which do not apply on the sale of the same goods sold in Australia. State government assistance (Trade Queensland) and support has been readily available. Some companies have experienced difficulty in finding a suitably reliable local agent to market and distribute their product. The Chilean government applies an additional tax on profit remittances back to Australia of 35%. Allowance of this fact needs to be considered before your company chooses to invest. For remittance of funds up to the level of your initial investment, the tax does not apply (only for profits).

Best Advice

A majority of surveyed Australian companies note the benefit, upon initial market entry attempts in Chile, of attending local trade shows or missions, as part of a group delegation with other mining sector firms.

Companies who are exporting various mining related products into Chile are advised to acquire the services of a reliable local representative, distributor or dealer, who has access to various buyers and sound knowledge of the local market to achieve best results. If the sales volume is high, then a decision can be made as to whether it is justifiable to set up a local office. Sales in this sector should also have some sort of financing attached to them, to match the conditions offered by European suppliers.

In relation to Australian producers of mining technology, some firms have spoken of the benefits of setting up branch offices in Chile. This has the advantage of ensuring more reliable after sales service as well as demonstrating a long term commitment to the country – A fact that is highly respected by Chilean end-users of mining products. Other options interviewees have noted include: partnerships with local distributors or to license local producers to manufacture and sell your product. It must be noted that all business dealings in Chile (as with other countries in Latin America) take a long time. Before entering Chile you must be prepared to be there for the long haul and to spend considerable time in country building a relationship of trust with the companies you are negotiating with. It may take a considerable amount of time and money before you begin to reap the rewards of your labour. Once they like and trust you business is assured. For mining companies this involves demonstrating a commitment to Chile and the region in general Australian companies already present in Chile have spoken of initiatives such as funding projects at local schools, etc. to prove to them that your company’s intentions are genuine, and aimed towards the mutual benefit of everybody involved.

It is also advisable to acquire sound legal representation and advice before entering Chile. Chile has many complicated legal requirements and regulations for foreign companies that only lawyers with sufficient knowledge of the country will be able to fulfil correctly. In addition, they will be able to build you knowledge of the local market and how it operates, as well as advising your company of the benefits available through the Australia Chile Free Trade Agreement. For mining companies selling new, advanced technologies, legal representatives, with sound local knowledge will also be able to advise you on the best way of protecting your intellectual property. A double taxation agreement has been signed between Australia and Chile, so that the payment of double tax is avoided, with respect to taxes on income and fringe benefits and the prevention of fiscal evasion. This agreement will create certainty and stability, free up exchange of taxpayer information, and reduce tax related barriers to trade. For implementation of the agreement, it needs to be passed by the Australian Parliament. It will come into effect on 1 January the year after it is passed.

Many companies have noted that successful entry into the market in Chile is a good base for further access into other Latin American countries. Although care must be taken to not treat each country the same, as each one is vastly different and therefore they require different strategies for market entry. Chile also has a number of Free Trade Zones (Zonas Francas), which are areas, usually close to port or airport facilities where goods stored are considered to be outside of the national customs territory and therefore are free of import tariffs and the payment of the 19% Value Added Tax (VAT). The goods can be stored in these zones for how ever long is necessary, before being shipped to another country or into Chile. Customs taxes are only payable when the goods reach their final destination.

You can contact us if you would like to learn more about Chile Mining Industry Services and Barriers, our engineers will provide you with quality service.

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