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cement production line in Armenia

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cement production line in Armeniacement production line

1. crushing and prehomogenization

(1)crushing: In the course of cement production, most of the raw materials will be crushed, such as limestone, clay, iron ore and coal etc. The limestone is greatest in consumption of all the raw materials when producing the cement, has the bigger size and higher hardness after the exploitation. Therefore the crushing of the limestone plays an important role in all the materials at the cement plant.

(2) prehomogenization: It applies the scientific stacking and taking technology, and realizes the initial homogenization of materials, so that the materials stockyard has the function of storage and homogenization simultaneously.

2. Raw Material Preparation

In process of producing the cement, the production of 1 ton Portland cement needs grinding at least 3 tons of materials (including all kinds of raw materials, fuel, clinker, mixture, plaster). According to the statistics, the required power consumption for grinding dry cement accounts for more than 60% that of the whole plant, in which more than 30% for raw material grinding, about 3% for coal grinding, about 40% for cement grinding. Therefore, reasonable choice of grinding equipment and process, the optimization of technological parameters, correct operation, the control of operation system are of great significance of ensuring the quality of products and reducing energy consumption.

3. homogenization

In the production process of new dry cement, the stability of raw material component entering the cellar is premise of stabilizing the clinker sintering thermal system. The homogenization system plays the last line of control function in stabilizing the raw material components entering the cellar.

4. Preheating and decomposition

The preheating and decomposition of raw materials are accomplished by the preheater, instead of rotary kiln, shortening the kiln length, and make the heat exchange process of materials in the state of accumulation in the kiln. Processed in the preheater in a state of suspension, the raw materials can be fully mixed with the hot gases discharged from the kiln, increasing the contact area for gas materials, as a result, fast heat transfer speed and high heat exchange efficiency, increasing the productive efficiency of kiln system, and decreasing the heat consumption of clinker sintering.

(1)material dispersion

The 80% heat exchange is made inside the entrance pipe. In the impact of airflow with high speed the raw materials fed to the preheater pipe bend upward and move, and is dispersed at the same time.

(2)gas-solid separation

When airflow carries material powder and goes into the cyclone, it is forced to rotate within the annular space between the cyclone body and internal cylinder, rotating and moving downward at the same time, from the cylinder to the cone, extending to the top end of the cone, then rotate upward in turn, and discharged by the exhaust pipe.


The decomposition is a technical leap of the cement burning process. It is additionally equipped with the decomposing furnace between the preheater and rotary kiln, and make use of the uptake flue, set up with the flue spraying device, so that the exothermic process of fuel combustion and endothermic process of carbonate decomposition of raw materials can be rapidly proceeded in the state of suspension or fluidization in the decomposing furnace, increasing the decomposition rate to over 90%.To make the carbonate decomposition in the decomposition furnace instead of in the rotary kiln originally, and add most of the fuel into the decomposition furnace, small parts into the kiln head, reducing the heat load of the burning zone of kiln, extending the service life of lining materials, in favor of the large-scale production. Because of the uniform mixing of materials and fuels, the heat timely passing on to the materials, so that the combustion, heat exchange and carbonate decomposition get optimized, as a result, with the excellent properties and characteristics of high quality, high efficiency, low consumption.

4. sintering of cement clinker

After the raw material completes preheating and precalcining in the cyclone preheater, it begins the sintering of the clinker within the rotary kiln for the next procedure.

In rotary kiln the carbonate is for further quick decomposition and makes a series of solid-phase reaction, generating the cement clinker mineral. With the rising of the materials temperature, these minerals will become into the liquid phase, and make reactions and produce large numbers of the clinkers. After the clinker sintering, the temperature goes down. finally the high temperature clinker unloaded from the rotary kiln is cooled by the cooling machine to the temperature which can be borne by the downstream conveying, storage and cement mill, recycle the sensible heat of the high temperature clinker at the same time, and improve the heat efficiency of the system and quality of the clinker.

5. Cement grinding

The cement grinding is the last process, and also the most power consumption of the process. Its main function is to grind the cement clinker (gelling agent, performance adjusting material, etc) to the suitable size (indicated by the degree of fineness, specific surface area), form a certain grain composition, increase its hydration area, accelerate the hydration speed, and meet the needs of the cement slurry condensation and hardening.

6. cement packing

The Cement has two kinds of shipping methods of bag and bulk packing on delivery.

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